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Arthur Woniala

2019 Climate Fellow
Founder of Khainza Energy Limited

Arthur Woniala 2019 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

Enable access to clean, affordable energy for people across Uganda by packaging high-quality biogas in recyclable cylinders for cooking and heating.


Arthur Woniala purifies biogas in preparation for packaging in recyclable cylinders. Photo credit: James Oatway

Khainza Energy team doing a survey for biogas construction at a piggery farm. Photo credit: James Oatway

Khainza Energy’s co-founders enjoy a snack prepared by Khainza Energy Biogas. Photo credit: James Oatway

Khainza Energy believes every rural household can prepare meals more effectively by using clean, affordable, and sustainable fuel. Organic waste is transformed into high-quality biogas for cooking and heating. The biogas is attractively packaged in recyclable cylinders for sale to rural households. Khainza Energy’s biogas cylinders are sold through organized groups of smallholder farmers, women, and youth. Through an agreement with Gudie Leisure Farm, Khainza Energy supplies the cylinders to its network of 63,720 smallholder farmers. Its vision is to enable every household in East Africa to use clean, affordable cooking energy.


Arthur Woniala is chief executive officer and engineer at Khainza Energy, where he oversees the conversion of organic waste materials into high-quality biogas for cooking and heating. Arthur was previously a consultant and trainer in clean cookstoves at Gudie Leisure Farm, where he trained youth to construct efficient cookstoves and manufacture briquettes from waste materials. He learned the importance of increasing the resilience of smallholder farmers by reducing the use of firewood and charcoal. Arthur, who is passionate about mitigating the effects of climate change, also works as a consultant in climate-smart agriculture. For his work at Khainza Energy, Arthur received the 2018 SEED Low Carbon Award. He also received the TOTAL Start Upper of the Year Award from TOTAL Uganda in 2016. He is a 2018 YALI Mandela Washington Fellow and was named among the Top 40 Under 40 Innovators in Uganda by The New Vision. Arthur is a 2019 Echoing Green Fellow.

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