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Andrew Youn

2006 Global Fellow
Founder of One Acre Fund

Andrew Youn 2006 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Unlock the permanent growth potential of Africa's poorest farmers by providing a comprehensive bundle of agricultural, economic, and educational services.



The One Acre Fund is leading a revolution in chronic hunger alleviation in Africa, moving away from stop-gap measures like food aid towards a permanent solution. The vast majority of Africa’s hungry are farmers who grow their own food. Studies have shown that with basic farm tools, these farmers could at least triple their yield within six months. The One Acre Fund unlocks this permanent growth potential for even the poorest of the hungry by providing a comprehensive service bundle: farm inputs on credit, weekly farm education sessions, and access to output markets. In Africa, hunger is the number one contributor to childhood death. The One Acre Fund works with populations in which fifteen percent of children die before reaching adulthood and forty percent are physically stunted from a lifetime of severe hunger. Food means life for their members. In five years of operation, One Acre Fund has grown to serve 130,000 farm families and is more than doubling in size every year.


Andrew Youn, Senior Partner / Executive Director, started One Acre Fund in 2006. Andrew graduated from Yale magna cum laude, is a former management consultant, and received his MBA from Kellogg School of Management. Andrew co-founded the program in Kenya with John Gachunga, and lives in Western Kenya.

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