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Amina Yamusah

2016 Black Male Achievement Fellow
Founder of BLOC

Amina Yamusah 2016 Black Male Achievement Fellow

Bold Idea 

End cycles of poverty and marginalization for black communities by connecting black collegians, and providing resources and opportunities for their success.


Photo courtesy of BLOC.


BLOC connects black collegians from throughout the nation with one another. Through conferences, mixers, and online networking, Our Bloc empowers members with knowledge and connections to help them to realize and leverage their brilliance. By 2025, Our Bloc endeavors to lower the national black collegiate employment rate from approximately 13 percent to the national average of 5 percent.


Amina Yamusah is the founder and CEO of BLOC, a national professional organization for black collegians. Believing in the brilliance of underserved millennials and the power of their collective action, Amina leverages work experience in university multicultural affairs to lead a passionate team of students and recent graduates. Prior to BLOC, Amina worked in diversity affairs at Princeton University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in politics, focusing particularly on the social movements of black and Latina women throughout American political history. Amina is a Camelback Ventures Fellow and former member of the Princeton Elab Accelerator Program.

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