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Adrian LeBlanc

1995 Global Fellow
Founder of Author, Random Family

Adrian LeBlanc 1995 Global Fellow


Adrian Nicole LeBlanc is a nonfiction writer who writes like a novelist in the very best tradition of literary journalism. A prolific author of magazine and newspaper articles, many on the effects of poverty on adolescents, Adrian redefined immersion reporting in her first book, Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble and Coming of Age in the Bronx (2003). The result of a decade spent closely involved in the lives of her subjects, this ten-year odyssey stretches the very fabric of long-form nonfiction and demonstrates Adrian’s mastery as an observer of human character. Her current project, an investigation of the world of Rick Shapiro and stand-up comedians, also explores lives at the margin and delves into the distinctive realities of the comic underworld and the characters that inhabit it. With an eye for detail and a passion for depth, Adrian is forging a new form of literary reportage and illuminating worlds little known and less understood.

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