2017 Schedule

On October 9, 2017, Echoing Green assembled more than 400 transformational leaders from across the social spectrum to inform, discuss, and strategize for collective impact.


10 am | Golden Gate A/B

Taking Stock: Can Impact Investing Deliver?

Over the past decade, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the impact investing field, with billions of dollars committed to a myriad of investment vehicles. More recently, the field has welcomed a number of large-scale firms into impact investing with the hope that they will professionalize the market and bring in much-needed capital. However, many worry that this trend could pose a risk of mission drift or impact dilution. Join four leading voices in business and impact investing as they reflect back on—and look forward to—impact investing’s ultimate vision: to not simply keep pace with the traditional capital markets, but to reinvent them entirely.

Steve Denning is Chairman of General Atlantic, a leading global growth investment firm, and former Chair of the Stanford University Board of Trustees. Founded in 1980, General Atlantic was initially the family office for Chuck Feeney, the founder of Atlantic Philanthropies. General Atlantic has continued Mr. Feeney’s commitment to philanthropy and corporate citizenship through its own General Atlantic Foundation, its partnership with Echoing Green, which the firm helped to co-found in 1987, and its commitment to being a responsible investor.

Kat Taylor is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Beneficial State Bank. Kat is dedicated to serving social justice and environmental health through the bank’s mandate that any distributed profit be invested in the low-income communities it serves.

Sonal Shah is an economist, entrepreneur and innovator, and has worked in government, business and the non-profit sectors. Sonal was the Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the first White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation. Today, Sonal is the Executive Director for the Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation at Georgetown University.

Impact Investing, Philanthropy

11 am | Foothill E

Empowered citizens will create collective solutions to climate change

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Juliana Gutiérrez & Juan Manuel Restrepo Cadavid, 2017 Echoing Green Fellows, are co-founders of Low Carbon City—a citizen-led global platform building collective solutions to tackle climate change in cities. Low Carbon City educates citizens using creative, participatory, and artistic tools, and connects citizens with experts and champions to exchange knowledge and implement solutions.

Environmental Sustainability, Colombia, Mexico

11 am | Foothill F

Software will improve Myanmar's healthcare sector

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Michael Lwin, 2014 Echoing Green Fellow, co-founded Koe Koe Tech, a Yangon-based company that trains Myanmar citizens in computer programming and develops software for the nation's health sector. Koe Koe seeks to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in Myanmar, to improve health indicators, and to increase access to information.

Health, Technology, Myanmar

11 am | Foothill G1

Is the Power to the People Unplugged? (21st Century Civic Engagement)

"If you don’t participate, the problem is going to get worse–because the people who do participate are going to continue to get power."–Scott Warren.

At a moment where distrust in government, disenfranchisement, and political disruption is eclipsing democracy in the U.S., how can we bring innovation to civic engagement? Join this debate on tactics and tools–from tech solutions to organizing–for reshaping and re-energizing civic participation.

Alan Khazei is the founder and CEO of Be the Change, Inc., a Boston-based group dedicated to building national coalitions of nonprofit organizations and citizens to enact legislation on issues such as poverty and education. Alan is also a 1991 Echoing Green Fellow, and a co-founder of City Year.

Scott Warren, 2010 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder and CEO of Generation Citizen, which seeks to inspire civic participation through a proven state standards-aligned action civics class that gives students the opportunity to experience real-world democracy and learn how to effectively participate as citizens.

Rohit Malhotra, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow, founded The Center for Civic Innovation in his hometown of Atlanta to help the public sector find and invest in more innovative or effective ways to tackle local social challenges.

Darrell Scott, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of PushBlack, the nation's first mobile-based Black organizing group. PushBlack sends daily Black history stories to subscribers and activates them to vote during elections.

Mark Hanis, 2006 Echoing Green Fellow, founder of, a location-based organizing application to help citizens take action anywhere. Previously, Mark was the co-founder of United to End Genocide which empowers all sectors (public, private, non-profit) to prevent and stop mass atrocities.

Kate Hayes oversees Echoing Green's Direct Impact program for emerging business leaders dedicated to realizing their full potential as agents of social change. As Director of Evaluation and Program Impact in the national office of Minds Matter, Kate led new initiatives for engaging alumni and training skills-based volunteers across the United States.

Guided Discussion
Racial Equity & Inclusion, Civic Engagement, Democracy, Technology, Education, U.S.

11 am | Foothill G2

Mind the (Funding) Gap: How African Entrepreneurs are Harnessing Blended Capital

How can designing and structuring blended financing approaches align investors with varying financial return and impact objectives, and accelerate growth in emerging markets? These panelists–entrepreneurs working in some of Africa’s fastest growing markets in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria–have creatively resourced their organizations as they scale their work. Join this discussion on the potential for blended capital to help close the funding gap.

Alloysius Attah, 2014 Echoing Green Fellow and founder of Farmerline, works with thousands of small-scale farmers in Ghana to increase access to agricultural information, productivity and income.

Ruramiso Mashumba, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow, founded Mnandi Africa to work with rural woman combatting poverty and malnutrition by equipping them with skills, access, and knowledge in agriculture, nutrition, markets and technology.

Nana Amma Twum-Danso, 2016 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of MAZA, a social enterprise that is establishing a transportation network to increase access to urgent health care in rural Ghana.

Jehiel Oliver, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of Hello Tractor, an innovative shared-economy platform that makes tractor usage affordable to marginalized farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Jehiel chaired the technology subcommittee of the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business In Africa under President Obama.

Guided Discussion
Economic Development, Impact Investing, Philanthropy, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe

11 am | Golden Gate C2

Breaking Bias (Social Innovation for Social Justice)

Hate, bigotry, and bias have long been a part of human history. Social justice advocates around the globe, however, are seizing new opportunities and new tools to bolster human rights and peacemaking movements. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the leader in the fight against global anti-Semitism for more than a hundred years, has emerged as a pre-eminent force in fighting all forms of bigotry. Join ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt in dialogue with three Echoing Green Fellows about how social innovation can confront inequity, bigotry, and hate.

Ngor Majak Anyieth, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of Education Bridge, which builds and operates schools in South Sudan that focus on helping students develop peacebuilding skills. South Sudan has a long history of ethnic violence. Majak's hope is to create a generation of peacemakers: people to challenge the dominant biased narrative.

Yeshi Milner, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow and co-founder of Data for Black Lives (D4BL), seeks to change the way data functions in Black communities in the U.S. D4BL uses conferences, hackathons, and popular education to build relationships between data scientists and community organizers to create real-world change for Black people.

Anurag Gupta, 2016 Echoing Green Fellow, founded Be More America to train professionals in key industries in evidence-based mindfulness strategies to reduce and eliminate the influence of unconscious bias in their decision-making.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, is an accomplished entrepreneur and innovative leader with deep experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Jonathan served in the White House as Special Assistant to President Obama and Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation.

Human Rights, Racial Equity & Inclusion, Education, Data, South Sudan, U.S.

12 pm | Golden Gate A/B

Lunch Plenary Honoring Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney has devoted his life and fortune to creating impact through philanthropy. His legacy is incredible and far-reaching, including his initial funding of Echoing Green in his role at General Atlantic 30 years ago, and his unique and impactful philosophy of “Giving While Living” that inspired so many philanthropists to follow in his footsteps. We are honored that Mr. Feeney will join us to receive Echoing Green’s first-ever Echoing Impact Award.

Governor Jerry Brown has campaigned to provide billions in new funding for California's schools, expanded health coverage to millions more Californians, and established nation-leading targets to protect the environment and fight climate change. Governor Brown was elected to a historic fourth term in 2014.

David Hodgson has been with General Atlantic for more than 30 years, having joined the firm in 1982. He worked to build the GA partnership and was foundational in developing our focus of identifying and assisting companies globally in all areas of their growth. Dave is Co-Chairman of the board of Echoing Green, which he helped found in 1987.

Amit Chandra is the Managing Director of Bain Capital Private Equity in Mumbai. Amit believes that the enlightened corporation serves not just investors, but society more broadly, and personally takes what Forbes India calls a "portfolio approach" to putting his time and money into a range of initiatives that advance social impact.

Christopher G. Oechsli is President and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies and serves on the Board of Directors. He has led Atlantic’s grantmaking through its four program areas and Founding Chairman grants.

Josefina Alvarado Mena is the CEO of Safe Passages, a city-wide initiative designed to reduce violence among the children and youth of Oakland. Josefina has grown the organization into a leading independent nonprofit organization that implements a continuum of programs that serve children and youth, from birth through college and career. Josefina is an Oakland native, and a 1996 Echoing Green Fellow.

Alan Khazei is the founder and CEO of Be the Change, Inc., a Boston-based group dedicated to building national coalitions of nonprofit organizations and citizens to enact legislation on issues such as poverty and education. Alan is also a 1991 Echoing Green Fellow, and a co-founder of City Year.

Plenary & Lunch
Impact Investing, Philanthropy

2 pm | Foothill D

Human-centered technologies will have positive health impacts across the world

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Gayatri Datar, 2014 Echoing Green Fellow, is co-founder of EarthEnable, a social enterprise with a mission to improve the health of low-income communities in Rwanda by replacing dirt floors with affordable and sanitary floors. As part of their model, EarthEnable trains local Rwandans to install the floors, who then go on to become income-generating entrepreneurs utilizing their new masonry skills.

Health, Economic Development, Product Innovation, Rwanda

2 pm | Foothill E

Workers will tell us about critical issues in their own factories

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Kohl Gill, 2013 Echoing Green Fellow, is the president and founder of LaborVoices, Inc., a start-up company providing information services to global workers and supply-chain managers. LaborVoices connects directly with workers in supply chain factories via their mobile phones, helping drive workers and multinational buyers to best-in-class factories.

Human Rights, Data, Technology, Workforce Development

2 pm | Foothill F

The underground market will connect to the green economy

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Ebele Ifedigbo, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow, is co-founder and co-director of the Hood Incubator, a social impact organization creating pathways to ownership in the legal cannabis industry for people of color. Ebele's passion lies at the intersection of racial and economic justice, and Ebele is committed to using business to foster innovation and racial equity in cannabis.

Racial Equity & Inclusion, Workforce Development, Economic Development, U.S.

2 pm | Foothill G1

Invisible Constituents (Immigration and Detention in the U.S.)

With immigration policies that seem to change with the wind, instability, misinformation, and distrust can create volatile, no-win situations for immigrants and their families. Our panelists will discuss how their work is rising through the tangle of politics, prisons, oppression, and fear to expand opportunity, freedom, and leadership in immigrant communities across the United States.

Christina Mansfield, 2012 Echoing Green Fellow, is a co-founder of CIVIC, working to end the isolation and abuse of persons in immigration detention by building and strengthening community visitation programs across the United States. Her vision for CIVIC is shaped by her academic research on the criminalization of immigrant communities.

Reyna Montoya, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow, founded Aliento inspired by her lived experience of having her dad detained and being undocumented in the U.S. Aliento invests in the leadership and the well being of undocumented youth and children impacted by detention, deportation, and unjust immigrant laws.

Rey Faustino, 2012 Echoing Green Fellow and founder of One Degree, connects families to poverty-fighting resources through a web database and mobile app. One Degree has created a go-to resource for the Bay Area's immigrant families, for finding legal advice, job training programs, translation services, and help applying for benefits.

Harlyn Pacheco, 2013 Echoing Green Fellow, founded Qlovi to foster improved literacy rates, high school graduation, and college enrollment for African American males by using an interactive software platform to provide differentiated student instruction and empowerment.

Guided Discussion
Human Rights, Immigration, Education, U.S.

2 pm | Foothill G2

Potential for Growth

Industries and entrepreneurs who have attracted capital in the past, tend to be the industries and entrepreneurs who will attract capital in the future. But assuming that these are the only places where the action is (looking at you, Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley) comes at a cost—both to the social innovators building movements elsewhere, and to impact investors who are missing out on opportunities to drive meaningful change. Lucky for all of us, the tides are changing. In this discussion, three entrepreneurs discuss pressing barriers–and real time solutions–to improving access to capital and support.

Derrick Braziel, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow and co-founder of MORTAR, is a creative entrepreneur committed to the idea that all it takes to change the world is "a dollar and a dream." MORTAR offers business accelerator programs, access to micro-loans, and a revolving pop-up shop in Cincinnati.

Kathryn Finney, 2016 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of digitalundivided, an organization that invests in the success of innovative Black and Latina women entrepreneurs by providing them with the network, coaching, and funding to build and scale their companies.

Misan Rewane, 2014 Echoing Green Fellow, founded WAVE, a vocational training platform aimed at empowering millions of disadvantaged West African youth with employability skills that transform their mindsets and employment opportunities that enhance their social mobility.

Keno Sadler is Vice President of Programs at Echoing Green, an educator, and a social entrepreneur. While leading programs designed to shape the lives of young African American men, Keno has served as the Executive Director of the Summerbridge Breakthrough Alumni Network and was the creator of the SBAN Teacher of Color Preparatory Institute, which connects aspiring teachers and administrators of color with schools that desire to be more diverse and inclusive. He is a 1997 Echoing Green Fellow.

Guided Discussion
Impact Investing, Economic Development, Technology, U.S., West Africa

2 pm | Golden Gate C2

We (Won't) Always Have Paris. (Local-level Solutions to Climate Change)

While much of the focus on combatting climate change is on the work of nations (singularly and collectively), citizen leaders the world over are working to ensure sustainability and social stability by deploying systems-level thinking to local-level applications. Hear from this global panel about the latest in sustainable innovation and coalition-building, and how their unique approaches intersect to secure our planet's future.

Colette Pichon Battle, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow and founder of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, is a native of Louisiana who has worked with local communities, national funders and elected officials around equity in the post-Katrina and post-BP disaster Gulf Coast. Her current work as executive director of US Human Rights Network is strengthening and growing a people-centered human rights movement in the United States.

Arjun Gupta, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow, founded Smart Joules, which seeks to eliminate wasted fossil fuels in India by offering affordable clean energy to large buildings and factories. Arjun strives to achieve a direct, measurable and substantial reduction in carbon emissions throughout India.

Jon Kornik, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of Plentify, which provides reliable and sustainable energy, water, and waste services to African households more affordably than the grid. Jon believes that improving the resilience of cities is key to minimizing catastrophic human costs of climate change, and a new model for utilities is needed to support this.

Amanda Ravenhill is the Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, dedicated to catalyzing transformative solutions to complex global problems through design thinking education. Amanda is an advisor to the Center for Carbon Removal, a member of the steering committee for the Nexus Global Climate Change Working Group, and a member of the initial executive team at Project Drawdown.

Environmental Sustainability, China, South Africa, India, U.S. Gulf Coast

3 pm | Break

Fellow Marketplace in Golden Gate C1

Check out some of our Fellows' products during this coffee break (3:00-3:30PM) and the Community Reception (4:30-6:30PM)


3:30 pm | Foothill D

Text messages will reach all students' families in their home language

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Heejae Lim, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of TalkingPoints, an organization that seeks to boost student achievement through increased parent engagement in low-income communities using simple, digital technology. TalkingPoints delivers personalized and actionable content to encourage behavioral changes of—and dialogue between—parents, teachers and students.

Education, Technology, Inclusion, U.S.

3:30 pm | Foothill E

Waste by-products will become sustainable building materials

Engage with these social entrepreneurs' innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Ryan Robinson & Elena Dieckmann, 2017 Echoing Green Fellows, are the co-founders of AEROPOWDER, a startup creating sustainable insulation materials from waste poultry feathers. Elena studied innovative design engineering, and developed several projects that utilized material innovation to enhance life quality, such as an injury detection suit for paraplegic athletes. Ryan has a background in biological sciences, previously investigating the effects of air pollution on the lungs.

Environmental Sustainability, Product Innovation

3:30 pm | Foothill F

Technology will bring legal aid and justice to Uganda

Engage with this social entrepreneur's innovative approach and the unique impact they seek to have on the world, tapping into your own experience to collaborate on pathways to progress.

Gerald Abila, 2016 Echoing Green Fellow, is an attorney and founder of BarefootLaw, a multiple-award-winning social enterprise using internet and mobile technology to increase access to justice and law for underserved communities in Uganda. BarefootLaw's work includes a rural Women's Property Rights initiative, and an International Justice Component created to bridge the information gap between the people of Uganda and the international legal scene.

Legal Aid, Technology, Uganda

3:30 pm | Foothill G1

Healing in the Open (Innovations in Trauma Response)

Personal trauma, as well as that experienced by entire communities, can be painful to talk about, difficult to categorize, and even harder to create solutions for. Somewhere amidst healthcare, human rights, and social justice, however, entrepreneurs and activists are deploying innovative new approaches to healing from trauma and oppression. These Fellows will shed light on how they are bringing justice for survivors of sexual assault, healing for veterans and their families, and sisterhood for women with incarcerated loved ones.

Sam Pressler, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow and founder of The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) connects veterans, service members, and military family members to their communities through classes, performances, and partnerships in the arts, focusing on promoting artistic expression and skill development.

Gina Clayton, 2014 Echoing Green Fellow, founded Essie Justice, a national organization of women that aims to restore family unity and safety to U.S. communities that are hardest hit by mass incarceration—disproportionately communities of color and the poor.

Laura Dunn, 2015 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder and executive director of SurvJustice, a national nonprofit providing legal services to survivors of campus sexual violence.

Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara is the founding Executive Director of the Campaign for Southern Equality, an Asheville-based nonprofit that launched in 2011 to promote full equality for LGBT people and families across the South. Service and faith are the driving forces in her work - from teaching in prisons to becoming an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Today, Jasmine is the first openly LGBT County Commissioner of Buncombe County, NC.

Guided Discussion
Human Rights, Health, Inclusion, Legal Aid, U.S.

3:30 pm | Foothill G2

The Economic Underpinnings of the Future of Social Innovation

What is the future of social innovation? With a particular focus on power, economic progress and social justice alongside the role of markets in fueling these movements, this dialogue will highlight forward looking perspectives on opportunities to bring together seemingly disparate resources that can be reconfigured into “shared value.” Join our Fellows for this conversation on blended capital, impact investing, and more broadly, the future of this space.

Donnel Baird, 2012 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder of BlocPower, a startup that markets, finances and installs solar and energy efficiency technology to help houses of worship, non-profits, small businesses and multifamily projects to slash their energy costs.

Daniel Tellalian, 1998 Echoing Green Fellow, is managing partner of Avivar Capital, a US-based SEC-registered impact investment advisory firm headquartered in Los Angeles. He is an economic development expert with two decades of experience in the financial services and food retailing sectors, focusing on investments in low-income communities.

Hilary Abell, 2014 Echoing Green Fellow and co-founder of Project Equity, builds economic resiliency in low-income communities by increasing worker ownership. She has worked in nonprofits and cooperatives for more than twenty years, advancing co-op development, fair trade, and community empowerment.

Cathy Clark has been an active pioneer, researchers, educator and consultant for over 25 years in the fields of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. She serves as Faculty Director at the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, where she founded and directs the CASE i3 Initiative on Impact Investing and is lead author of CASE Smart Impact Capital, a new online toolkit to help impact entrepreneurs raise impact investment capital that aligns with their needs.

Guided Discussion
Impact Investing, Philanthropy, Economic Development

3:30 pm | Golden Gate C2

After the Headlines, Black Lives Still Matter

Leaders across America–where race and power fuel social and economic inequality–are focused on creating sustainable systemic solutions for the lives of black men and boys. In 2017, when white supremacists march out in the open and officers are acquitted from violence perpetrated against black bodies, conversations around this work are too often situated in the short term. What does it mean to be a leader in the Black Male Achievement movement, proximate to the community, and have to justify the importance of your work beyond the lifecycle of a headline? With the expertise of three of our Black Achievement Fellows, we will disrupt this narrative to shift these conversations from symptoms to systems.

Amanda Alexander, 2017 Echoing Green Fellow and founder of the Detroit Justice Center, is a racial justice lawyer who works alongside community-based movements to end mass incarceration and build thriving and inclusive cities.

Tony Weaver, Jr., 2016 Echoing Green Fellow, is the founder and CEO of Weird Enough Productions, a new media production company dedicated to creating positive media images of black men and other minority groups.

Cory Greene, 2016 Echoing Green Fellow, co-founded How Our Lives Link Altogether! (H.O.L.L.A!), a nonprofit developed from the organizing work and political strategizing of people who served sentences in New York State Correctional Facilities. H.O.L.L.A! works to co-create a youth-led organization that supports the leadership development, healing, and liberation of marginalized youth of color and their communities.

Justin Steele is a Principal at, Google’s “data-driven, human-focused philanthropy” organization. Justin leads national giving portfolios focused on Racial Justice, as well as giving to SF/Oakland area nonprofits and those near other Google offices.

Racial Equity & Inclusion, U.S.

4:30 pm | Golden Gate A/B

Celebration of Community Stewardship

Community reception and presentation of the Edwin Cohen Community Steward Award. More than a token, this honor is presented annually to a Fellow who demonstrates deep and lasting commitment to the Echoing Green community. The award's namesake, Ed Cohen, was the first CEO of General Atlantic and a co-founder of Echoing Green, and remains a lifelong champion of social justice, a painter, and a beloved part of the Echoing Green family.

Laura Weidman Powers, 2013 Echoing Green Fellow, is the co-founder and executive director of CODE2040, a nonprofit that creates access, awareness, and opportunities for minority engineering talent to ensure their leadership in the innovation economy. Laura is the 2016 Edwin Cohen Community Steward Award Recipient.

Plenary & Reception

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