Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in CustodyCommunity Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC)

Christina M. Fialho and Christina Elizabeth Mansfield

Program Area: Civil & Human Rights
Location of Impact: United States

Bold Idea: End the isolation of migrants in civil detention by building and strengthening community visitation programs across the United States.

Why I'm Passionate About This: Over two million individuals have passed through or remain in Immigration & Customs Enforcement detention centers in the United States; 84 percent lack representation, and many are denied medical care, access to family, and community support. Our work in the field of immigrant rights and detention led us to build the first immigration detention visitation program in California. We participated in a growing coalition of similar programs, and saw the need for infrastructure and support services. CIVIC will take this nationwide coalition to the next level with capacity-building support, resources, and a communication platform. CIVIC visitors will equip migrants with tools to endure detention, pursue legal relief, and re-enter society.

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