The Partnership for Innovation for the Future of Work in New York City
In partnership with Barclays

The demands of the New York workforce are evolving. The tech and health industries have growing employment needs. The skilled workforce for these jobs does not yet meet the demand. Job growth in lower-paying industries reinforces underemployment issues.

One thing is clear: how New York City collaborates and innovates to create new opportunities for living wages, worker security, workforce development, and career advancement will guide the future of work.

How New York City collaborates and innovates to create new opportunities for living wages, worker security, workforce development and career advancement will help guide what the future of work can be, so that the benefits accruing from advancements in technology are shared more broadly and equitably among us all.

As the public, private, and civic sectors work to create good jobs for all New Yorkers, social innovators will play a pivotal role in defining the future of work in the City. Echoing Green and Barclays are collaborating to bring social innovators and their ideas to the table.

Ideas on the Future of Work, from the Workforce of the Future

Who better to support and spur into action than the innovators of tomorrow? The Future of Work Social Innovation Challenge invites young people in NYC to pitch their big ideas to expert panels. Learn more ⇣

Cross-Sector Leadership for
City-Wide Solutions

As the public, private, and civic sectors work to create good jobs for all, social innovators and impact leaders will collaborate to implement effective and equitable future of work initiatives in NYC. Learn more ⇣

Work and Progress: Workforce Development Now

The future is here, and social innovators in New York are testing new ideas and taking action. This series of talks featured Echoing Green Fellows and their bold work impacting the city of tomorrow, today. Learn more ⇣

NYC Future of Work
Social Innovation Challenge

This spring, Echoing Green and Barclays are partnering to challenge next-generation innovators under 40 to submit their ideas to the NYC Future of Work Social Innovation Challenge. Top teams will be selected to participate in a one-day Solutionist Accelerator—a business plan boot camp and pitch competition—on June 18, 2019 for a chance to win a prize valued at over $5,000.

We invite you to submit your idea for tackling one or more of the following challenges in NYC:

  • Barriers to education and access (e.g., high school and college completion initiatives; training programs for upskilling and reskilling; enhancing digital literacy; micro-credentialing, certification or bridge programs
  • Unemployment and underemployment with a focus on historically-marginalized populations, including formerly incarcerated people; people with disabilities, youth, aging and immigrants (e.g., job creation or fair employment programs)
  • Lack of opportunity or protections for an increasingly independent workforce (e.g., platforms for underemployed digital workers; benefits programs for independent workers)

NYC Future of Work Social Innovation Challenge: Pitch for Progress

Save the Date: JUNE 18, 2019, 5:30–7:30 PM | BARCLAYS

Join Echoing Green and Barclays to support next-generation solutionists pitching their ideas for the future of work in New York City.

Enjoy happy hour, pitches, and a brief program -- and get inspired by new thinking. Don't miss this free event, which is open to the public, to hear from industry leaders about social innovation and transforming work as we know it to build equitable cities.

Please note this is a free event but registration is required for entry into the venue.


Change Up: How Will New York City Define the Future of Work?

Over several months, we convened leaders across sectors to share solutions at the intersection of the future of work and social innovation.

Echoing Green Fellows came together for a series of discussions on the key challenges and opportunities facing New York City and the future of work. Working in collaboration with other experts and partners, we identified clear opportunities for systemic social change to help shape a future of work for New Yorkers that is both inclusive and equitable.

The culminating Change Up conversation was an interactive event that convened social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business leaders, public officials, investors, and more to listen, learn, and respond to big questions. These discussions generated recommendations for the future of work in New York City and invited all participants to contribute to a roadmap to make these plans a reality.

This summer, we will continue this conversation in a salon-style series in conjunction with NYC ETC, and will distribute our findings so that new practices and programs can be adopted across the city.


Solutions in Workforce Development

Creating a future of work for all requires addressing the root cause of workforce challenges and inequities. To spark conversation around approaches to bettering workforce and economic progress, we invited Fellows to discuss their innovative solutions that are addressing the future of work. Tune in to their conversations with special guests from the field.

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