AADAAfrican Immigrant Diaspora Alliance (AÃDA)
Amaha Kassa

Program Area: Civil & Human Rights
Location of Impact: New York, NY

Bold Idea: Improve the lives of Africans in America and on the African continent with a national network that provides direct services, grassroots organizing, and policy advocacy.

Why I'm Passionate About This: Over one million African immigrants live in the U.S. today—four times the number present in 1990. This rapidly growing community lacks the institutional support necessary to integrate into American society, leaving them subject to discrimination and economic insecurity. After my father, a minister in the Ethiopian government, was executed by the Derg regime, my family fled to America. We struggled with being outsiders, sacrificed to get a good education, and navigated the vast differences between our old and new lives. After college, I became an organizer, but always in communities other than my own. Organizing the diaspora is my way of seeking justice, honoring the ideal of public service that my father exemplified, and keeping other families from our struggles. Through a national network, we’ll provide direct services and organize grassroots advocacy around policy reform, raising a powerful new voice on behalf of the African immigrant diaspora in America.

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