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The Work on Purpose curriculum prepares the emerging professionals with whom you work to pursue work that makes a difference in the world. The curriculum's workshops will help them:

  • Uncover their personal genius and how they can apply it to the issues they care most about.
  • Develop the boldness and the spirit of risk-taking required to launch a path with purpose.
  • Create lives and work with meaning.

The curriculum includes fifteen workshops with multiple time variations for optimal facilitator flexibility. The workshop exercises teach the ten principles of Work on Purpose, meet the expressed needs of today’s employers, and address the top learning outcomes recommended by higher education leaders such as the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA), College Student Educators International (ACPA), and the American Association of Colleges and University’s LEAP Initiative.

I can’t say enough about the insightful exercises and presentation material that students are thirsty for!” 
Jennifer Slattery-Bownds, Director of Graduate Studies, Brown University

Get Trained

Join your purpose-minded colleagues for an engaging one-day in-person training to become an Echoing Green certified Work on Purpose facilitator. After the training, you will be supported with our curriculum, support phone calls, eNewsletters, access to our interactive website, and engagement with the Work on Purpose team and fellow facilitators around the country.

Schedule a call to get involved. Please note, trainings are available only for programs within the U.S. at this time.


I think [this curriculum is] great for incoming first year undergrads as well as incoming grad students AND senior-year undergrads and recent grads. In short, anyone who is thinking about their career path.”
Dr. Kristin Joos, Director - Social Impact Initiatives, Warrington College of Business Administration, University of Florida

Try It Out

Download a sample workshop and accompanying materials to try with your group today! If you've used the sample workshop, let us know how it went.

Do you have colleagues who would be interested in Work on Purpose? Share materials with them!


"This is what I’ve been looking for! The curriculum seems to reach out and grab the students."
Sheila Kronberg, Career Services Associate, Concordia University Wisconsin

Trained Facilitators

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