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Jimmie Briggs is one of the most respected human rights advocates in the field of journalism and has produced seminal reporting on the lives of war-affected youth and children soldiers and survivors of sexual violence. Read more.

Cheryl Dorsey, Barbara Bush, Gabi Zedlmayer, and Courtney Martin are just a few of the many women driving social change around the world. Read more.

Our quick read on the top tweets, news, and buzz circulating in the field of changemaking this past week.

Rumor has it that once upon a time you could go to college, get good grades, receive training for a job, and expect to get (believe it or not) a job. Today, even the Department of Ed will tell you that’s not the case anymore. Read more.

Amber Rae is a motivational force of nature. Not only does Amber herself have purpose, but she has her finger on the pulse of purpose drivers everywhere. Read more.

Ever had an idea that was so crazy you were sure it would fail? Tell us.

After months of hard charging, we're booming with excitement to debut our new website. Of the many new features on the site, you'll discover articles and resources about the latest trends in social innovation, deeper profiles of Echoing Green Fellows, seamless integration with social media, and our interactive Work on Purpose platform that helps you build a career that's right for you and good for the world. Read more.

James Wu manages brand creative direction at Acumen Fund. We asked James to describe a typical Tuesday in his own words. Read more.

Whether you are looking for an internship or if you are farther along in your career, this month’s social impact job list includes exciting global opportunities from an array of organizations that we think drive positive change into the world.

Echoing Green Fellow Elizabeth Scharpf found that emotion is a common language that everyone relates to—as she is building her team, understanding what drives people to do what they do, what makes them feel good about themselves is critical to finding the right people for SHE. Their success will be determined not just by a strong infrastructure and solid operations, but “by their ability to align people’s interests and passions with their roles.”