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"I help weave and build the ecosystem for alternatives to college and spread the stories of people who have crafted creative learning paths." Read more about Weezie's Typical Tuesday.

We just closed the submission phase of our Echoing Green and GOODmaker challenges. Now it's time for you to vote for the winners. Read More.

Recently launched by Jonathan Lewis, the video series iOnPoverty aims to help aspiring changemakers "learn from the social entrepreneurs who have the jobs they want." The videos are succinct, uncensored, honest, and—most importantly—helpful. Watch our favorites.

Lara Galinsky, Senior vice president of Echoing Green, published "Not Everyone Should Be a Social Entrepreneur" on the Harvard Business Review this morning. Read More.

"I’m a Senior Producer at ABC News, which means that I develop and produce stories for the Special Units at ABC News. The stories from law and justice, to medical, to business, to investigative, and division-wide booking—which is going after the big news makers." Read more about Teri's Typical Tuesday.

Echoing Green and GOODmaker are teaming up to launch two challenges to help you better understand and build deeper relationship with members of the community you most want to serve. Read More.

Pablo Toledo, creative director at Camino PR, is a digital artist and community filmmaker and is inspired by the power of personal narratives to create social change. Read More.

Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite sayings is “Be Bold.” It is a core component of Echoing Green’s belief system—that each “solutionist” must muster up all their internal boldness to be able to create the change they want to see in the world. It’s bold to envision big change. It’s even bolder to take action to enact the change. We see this boldness in our Fellows. We teach boldness in our Work on Purpose trainings. We love boldness. I am joined by a group of extraordinary trainers, who we asked, What does leading with moxie mean to you? Read More.

If you are looking for a workplace that aligns with your purpose, take a look below. This month’s social impact job list includes exciting global opportunities from an array of organizations that we think drive positive change into the world. Read more.

The Uncollege MovementAs millions of young people around the country graduate from college, others—spurred by the anticipation of astronomical student loans and the harsh reality that a college degree no longer guarantees a job—join the uncollege movement. Read more.