Posts about Work on Purpose

To retain and develop talent, Echoing Green believes companies should infuse purpose authentically at every link in the chain.


Echoing Green continues our exploration of the developing purpose field. The time is now for more support to solidify purpose's place in the change-making ecosystem.


Failure can liberate you to reconsider your approach, to innovate, and to carve a new path.


Want a meaningful life? Our best advice: learn from an expert… or 80 experts.


Changing the way we think about what we will be when we grow up has the potential to lead to greater creativity, productivity, and happiness.


Those of us called to purpose-driven work must protect ourselves from the threats of over-work, under-pay, and, ultimately, burn-out.


What holds consistent across the most successful of our Fellowship applications are the qualities and traits of their leaders.


I start job interviews with the same question every time. What happens next is predictable.


In November, we asked you—our community—and our Fellows to tell us what problems you were committed to solving. You responded with an enthusiasm that blew us away.


On the days I’m smashed up against an assortment of characters on the New York City subway, I sometimes play a game. I imagine someone yelling, “What’s your problem?!”