Posts about Typical Tuesday

Today we’re excited to hear about a day in the life of a mover and a shaker in corporate philanthropy. Prior to joining the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Ruthie Ackerman was an award-winning journalist who focused on women, wealth, and politics. Read More.


"I help weave and build the ecosystem for alternatives to college and spread the stories of people who have crafted creative learning paths." Read more about Weezie's Typical Tuesday.


"I’m a Senior Producer at ABC News, which means that I develop and produce stories for the Special Units at ABC News. The stories from law and justice, to medical, to business, to investigative, and division-wide booking—which is going after the big news makers." Read more about Teri's Typical Tuesday.


Allison’s work is so much more than the work she is paid to do. We interviewed Allison to hear what it’s like to balance all of her fascinating commitments and passions on a “typical Tuesday.” Read more.


Mehr Qureshi is a Program Officer at Equality Now, an international organization that works for the protection and promotion of the rights of women and girls worldwide. We asked Mehr to describe her Typical Tuesday in her own words. Read more.


James Wu manages brand creative direction at Acumen Fund. We asked James to describe a typical Tuesday in his own words. Read more.