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Those of us called to purpose-driven work must protect ourselves from the threats of over-work, under-pay, and, ultimately, burn-out.


Photos from Echoing Green's Social Investment Council Summer Solstice Fundraiser. See them all.


For years, I had unfulfilled desires that converged in this unique opportunity: live in India, pursue social enterprise and experience the challenges and impact of a start-up. The choice was one that some considered brave and ambitious and others considered irresponsible and foolish. When I moved to India, I discovered that this fine-line was the first of many.


Unlike traditional investing, which, at its core, primarily seeks to employ financial capital to generate a financial return, impact investing strives to create “blended value”—positive and simultaneous social, environmental, and financial value creation.


Susan McPherson’s career path has taken her from dreams of being an astronaut, to the newsroom at USA Today, and all the way to the media business in China. Read the real-life story of this corporate social responsibility superstar and senior vice president at public interest communications firm, Fenton, as she finds her Work on Purpose.