Perspectives On Echoing Green Blog

Fellows respond to the President's actions with some hope, and acknowledgement of the distance yet to overcome.

Echoing Green’s approach to supporting groundbreaking, early-stage social entrepreneurs runs much deeper than a two-year stipend and health insurance.

Social entrepreneurs face more options than ever for structuring their organizations, but a misinformed choice may limit their impact.

Those of us called to purpose-driven work must protect ourselves from the threats of over-work, under-pay, and, ultimately, burn-out.

While we’ve had the opportunity to review thousands of business plans of those appying to our Fellowship Program—addressing as many social issues, communities, and geographies—what holds consistent across the most successful applications are the qualities and traits of their leaders.

Your career didn't start with your first job. I start job interviews with the same question every time: “Tell me about your path leading up to today. Why is this role the right fit for you now?” What happens next is predictable.

Our Fellowship and Knowledge Management team sifted through thousands of Fellowship applications to compare them in aggregate with submissions from previous years.

In November, we asked you—our community—and our Fellows to tell us what problems you were committed to solving. You responded with an enthusiasm that blew us away.

On the days I’m smashed up against an assortment of characters on the New York City subway, I sometimes play a game. I imagine someone yelling, “What’s your problem?!”

Echoing Green Fellows don't just identify social problems—they are driven to do whatever it takes to solve them. That's owning a problem.