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Meet who's next ​in social entrepreneurship: With fifty-five Fellows leading forty-two organizations, meet Echoing Green's largest class of Fellows in its twenty-seven year history.

During the Iraq war, the U.S. military relied heavily on local interpreters who risked their lives standing shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops. This mission-critical cooperation made the interpreters and their families targets for extreme anti-American violence during and after the conflict.

When an American Red Cross staffer blew the whistle on reneged promises to help survivors of Hurricane Sandy, Ben Smilowitz took action. A vigilant watchdog for survivors of disaster, Ben investigated inefficiencies, fired up the media, engaged members of Congress, and filed a complaint with New York’s Attorney General.

From Forbes to NPR, Echoing Green Fellows from 1992 to the class of 2013 Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders. Here are some of their top stories from recent weeks.

Tremble, Status Quo. You have met your match. Meet the eighty-five Echoing Green Fellowship Finalists, armed to enact bright new solutions that scream Status Go.

Kalimah Priforce is a determined man. Maybe it’s the second syllable in his surname or maybe it has to do with where he comes from: Kalimah grew up with his younger brother in a Bed-Stuy group home, staging a hunger strike there at age eight to get more books onto the premises.

While we’ve had the opportunity to review thousands of business plans of those appying to our Fellowship Program—addressing as many social issues, communities, and geographies—what holds consistent across the most successful applications are the qualities and traits of their leaders.

The 444 Semi-Finalists for Echoing Green Fellowships span the globe, with breakthrough ideas and the entrepreneurial drive to disrupt the status quo.

Each application cycle, our Fellowship and Knowledge Management teams work together to sift through thousands of Fellowship applications so that we can compare them in aggregate with submissions from previous years.

It's no secret that our Fellows have got something to say. Here's a roundup of recent titles from our Fellows to add to your reading list.


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