Fellowship On Echoing Green Blog

Individually, our ideas and commitment can change lives and communities. But what happens when we go all in together?

From Fast Company to Forbes, Echoing Green Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders.

Failure can liberate you to reconsider your approach, to innovate, and to carve a new path.

Fellows offer thoughts on disaster response and the state of accountability for donors, Nepali government, and organizations on the ground in the Himalayan region.

Meet the Finalists and congratulate them—not just for making it this far, but for holding such deep commitment for driving social change.

“I felt, if not anything else, I can add a unique perspective to the education discussion.”

From MSNBC to CPAfrica, 2014 Echoing Green Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders.

“About half our staff now are alumni of our organization. Seeing those young folks now passing on the information to the next generation is when I feel, 'Wow, we’ve really done something here.'”

“We didn't really know what to expect when we’re hanging a spool that weighs 1,000 pounds from the back of a helicopter…”

“There’s a broken pipeline between school and work. We’re saying, for some students let’s give them another option."