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Blue Engine’s recently released impact infographic gives us a chance to deep dive into not only how the organization is measuring success, but what data they are collecting to do it. From the characteristics of students they are reaching, to the ratio of students to BETAs, to the marked shift in test scores over the past two years, the report uses a mix of compelling visuals and strict numbers to give us a picture of the impact Blue Engine is achieving. Read more.


The Uncollege MovementAs millions of young people around the country graduate from college, others—spurred by the anticipation of astronomical student loans and the harsh reality that a college degree no longer guarantees a job—join the uncollege movement. Read more.


Allison’s work is so much more than the work she is paid to do. We interviewed Allison to hear what it’s like to balance all of her fascinating commitments and passions on a “typical Tuesday.” Read more.


UPDATE: We announced the 2012 Black Male Achievement Fellows on June 7th. Meet them here.


Echoing Green Earth Day
Echoing Green Senior Vice President Lara Galinsky reflects on three crucial learnings since launching Work on Purpose.Read more.


2009 Echoing Green Fellow Eric Glustrom is helping high school students in Uganda become the country’s next generation of socially responsible leaders. Read more.


Our quick read on the top tweets, news, and buzz circulating in the field of changemaking. This past week: sharing our failures, the future of higher education, Sir Ken Robinson, and women who have influenced you. Read more.


Rumor has it that once upon a time you could go to college, get good grades, receive training for a job, and expect to get (believe it or not) a job. Today, even the Department of Ed will tell you that’s not the case anymore. Read more.


Echoing Green president Cheryl Dorsey recaps her favorite TED talks, celebrity sightings, and the colliding of worlds. Read more.