Posts about Black Male Achievement

Meet who's next ​in social entrepreneurship: With fifty-five Fellows leading forty-two organizations, meet our largest class of Fellows in its twenty-seven year history.


While debates brew about immigration reform in the US, Amaha Kassa is reframing the problem and turning his efforts to helping African immigrants in the U.S. improve their lives, the country they live in, and their countries of origin.


The 2013 Echoing Green Global and Black Male Achievement Fellows gathered in New York for the annual New Fellows Retreat to connect with each other and with the Echoing Green community.


As we enter into our second year of partnership to support Black Male Achievement Fellows, we are reminded at the essential nature of collaboration and commitment between organizations working towards similar goals.


With the help of 532 evaluators asking challenging questions and analyzing nearly 3,000 applications for the 2013 Echoing Green and Black Male Achievement Fellowships, we have narrowed the pool to just thirty-nine.


We need leadership that reflects the diversity of the communities we seek to influence.


Over the last 25 years, Echoing Green has invested in many black social innovators doing important work to continue the legacy of social change in the black community.


On October 3, 2012, Open Society Foundations Campaign for Black Male Achievement hosted The Innovation and Impact Forum at the Grand Hyatt New York City.


Take a look at our new video introducing the nine Black Male Achievement Fellows, who are already making history.