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Throughout our twenty-fifth anniversary year, we've been exploring the connections between the pioneering work of our earliest Fellows and the newest innovations of our 2013 class. So before you slip out for the weekend, take a moment to learn about the changes these Fellows have brought about in this world, and the work yet to be done!

Last night, past and present generations of Fellows like Wendy Kopp, Angel Taveras, Sasha Chanoff, Vikram Akula, and Chris Bradford poignantly brought to life the power of the Echoing Green community. Read more.

Whether you feel settled or not, your current employment situation does not have to determine your future. I have spoken to many people of all ages with career paths that initially seemed less than linear. They have bounced from the private sector to local government to non-profit and back. While some see this as “job jolting,” I encourage them to take a deeper look—there is often a connection beneath the surface. Read more.

Image by Andrew Quilty for The New York Times

From the New York Times to the World Economic Forum, Echoing Green Fellows from 1992 to the present class are recognized as innovators and leaders. Here are twelve of their top stories from recent weeks. Read more.

Two decades after his Echoing Green Fellowship, Mayor Angel Taveras is strengthening his city’s future by investing in its children through innovative and impactful ways. Read More.

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