The Social Investment Council is a civic engagement program aimed at unleashing the talents of emerging leaders—primarily in the private sector—to drive social change. We believe that the role of emerging business leaders in the ecosystem of social change is unique and vitally important.

The goal of the Social Investment Council is to help emerging business leaders realize their potential as change agents. For nine years, this program has provided first-hand exposure to social entrepreneurs, tools for leveraging their diversified talents for impact, and a community of like-minded individuals to support them in action. The members of the Council are selected by Echoing Green for their ability to be high impact skills-based volunteers for our Fellows and in positions of influence for the future. The Council’s membership body is made up of nearly 150 emerging professionals.

We are currently not accepting applications for membership to the Social Investment Council. For more information, please email

Chapters and Leadership

The Social Investment Council is an international organization with a peer leadership structure in four chapter cities: New York, San Francisco, and Boston, and Washington, D.C. 

Chapter Co-Chairs:

Andrew Klaber and Sophie Marchessou New York
Justin Kang, Kevin McCarthy, and Ishan Sachdev, Boston
Sam Miller-Little and Lauren Farleigh, Bay Area
Ali Cherry and Julie Heath, D.C. 

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