The Social Investment Council is a group of highly talented, committed, and socially conscious rising leaders who support and participate in Echoing Green’s work. The investment is mutual: Echoing Green provides tools to help Council members clarify their unique social purpose, and we emphasize philanthropy and skill-based volunteerism as ways Council members can lead highly impactful lives. In turn, members offer technical expertise to our Fellows, fresh perspective to the innovation dialogue, and philanthropic support of Echoing Green’s capacity-building work. Members are selected for their ability to be high impact volunteers today and in positions of influence tomorrow. 


Why Get Involved?

The Social Investment Council is an ideal group for individuals who are interested in:

Identifying his or her own unique path to social impact

Applying private sector expertise to foster social change

Learning about cutting-edge ideas that are shaping our future

Working with innovative and entrepreneurial emerging leaders

Joining a movement of next-generation leaders who are changing the face of philanthropy 

Connecting with like-minded peers from some of the private sector's most prestigious companies


What We Do

Engage Fellows
The Social Investment Council members have several opportunities to get to know Echoing Green Fellows, from informal dinners to in-depth advisory opportunities such as evaluating applications, participation in Brain Trusts, and skills-based consulting.

Access Knowledge
The field of Social Entrepreneurship is said to be approximately 30 years old—and Echoing Green has been a leader for 25.  We have a unique vantage point from which to trend-spot, research, and explore new aspects of the field. One of the goals of the Council is to empower all members to be knowledgeable about the sector, and be ambassadors of social innovation in their own right.

Grow Careers with Impact
We define work as more than the 9 to 5—work is what we do in the world. Service on the Council will help members indentify their own unique purpose paths: as courageous philanthropists, conscious business executives, impact investors, intrapreneurs, and other actors in the ecosystem of social change.  

Support Through Philanthropy
Solving the world’s biggest problems requires bold acts of giving. Next generation philanthropic leaders understand effective use of limited resources, are passionate about social change, and know that we need innovation for deep, sustainable impact. The Council is an opportunity for emerging leaders to develop their own philanthropic style.

Build Your Network
The best parts of being a Council member stem from being part of a broad network of like-minded leaders. Through dinners, projects, happy hours, and other gatherings, Council members build a strong community of solutionists.


Our Commitment

Council members commit to:

Donating a membership contribution of $1,000 annually (or $250 for graduate students) on Echoing Green’s fiscal year schedule

Striving to be a good steward of social change

Supporting Echoing Green’s mission

Serving on the Council for a full year, with the option to renew annually

Actively participating in a minimum of two activities per year 


Chapters and Leadership

The Social Investment Council is an international organization with a peer leadership structure in three chapter cities: New York, San Francisco, and Boston, with DC rapidly growing. Chapter Co-Chairs work together to meet goals, organize activities, raise awareness about Echoing Green, and develop ways to be a part of the social innovation dialogue. As a member, you are welcome to participate in local events in any city around the globe, or connect with Chapter Co-Chairs:

Andrew Klaber and Sophie Marchessou New York
Justin Kang, Kevin McCarthy, and Ishan Sachdev, Boston
Sam Miller-Little and Lauren Farleigh, Bay Area
Ali Cherry and Julie Heath, DC 



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