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February 11, 2013 | Linda Kay Klein

Launching the New Work on Purpose Curriculum

Image: Alexia Vernon's Moxie Camp 2012 by Carrie Leonard

I was setting up for a workshop at a careers conference in Madison, Wisconsin two weeks ago when a goateed gentleman sauntered into the room and asked me, “So, what does Work on Purpose do?”

I smiled. Since our program launched in 2011, we’ve worked with over 100 colleges, universities and nonprofits—from Harvard University to the University of Florida, and from AshokaU to the African Leadership Academy; we’ve traveled across the country leading over 70 workshops and presentations and interacting with nearly 5,000 individuals on the ground; and we’ve engaged almost 5,500 people on our online platform. And yet, the question of what it is we do is one I am asked frequently (even among Echoing Green’s most dedicated fans).

I get it. What’s a social entrepreneurship organization like Echoing Green doing with a program called Work on Purpose anyway? some wonder.

I turned to him. “We teach the best life- and work-practices of social entrepreneurs in order to help people identify their purpose and put it into action.”

“Wow,” the man answered. “I’m a management professor; my students could use that!” I smiled again. Because this is something I hear a lot, too.

Announcing the Work on Purpose Curriculum

If you also were wondering just what Work on Purpose does, this is a great time to catch up on the program. Because today Echoing Green is thrilled to announce the release of a new tool that is the culmination of everything we have done through Work on Purpose thus far: our Curriculum & Training.

We leveraged all of our research, all of our on-the-ground experience, and all of our online learning toward the development of this 125-page curriculum complete with 15 full-length workshops and an extensive training program. We then beta tested the curriculum with almost 30 colleges, universities, and nonprofits—from Princeton University to Oberlin College to Net Impact. Every one of our beta testers reported that they would use the curriculum again and would recommend it to a colleague.

Now we’re ready to certify people to become Work on Purpose workshop facilitators equipped to guide the career trajectories of those they work with every day.

The Work on Purpose curriculum is not designed to create a generation of social entrepreneurs, but one of social intrepreneurs, artist-activists, donor-activists, engaged volunteers, employees of social impact organizations, and sure, a handful of stellar future social entrepreneurs.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this blog post to your colleagues and friends or sharing it out on social media. And if you, like the goateed gentleman, think that those you work with could use help identifying how to create impact-driven lives and work, reach out to us at about becoming a certified Work on Purpose facilitator.