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August 2, 2012 | Jay Geneske

An Eye on Poverty

Recently launched by Jonathan Lewis, the video series iOnPoverty aims to help aspiring changemakers "learn from the social entrepreneurs who have the jobs they want." The videos are succinct, uncensored, honest, and—most importantly—helpful. Here's a look at some of our favorite clips:

Chid Liberty, CEO of Liberty and Justice, on sacrifice, purpose, and happiness:

Vini Bhansali, Executive Director of IDEX on women, generational differences, and holding it all together:

Regina Starr Ridley, Publishing Director of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, on not launching a social enterprise:

Saul Garlick, Founder & CEO of ThinkImpact, on humility, failure, idea sharing, and immersing yourself in your community:

Jessamyn Lau, Program Leader at the Peery Foundation, on risks worth taking, persuasion, relationships, and winding career paths:


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