Echoing Green’s Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship and Leadership Development Programs

Echoing Green will provide more than $4.6 million in unrestricted seed-stage funding and strategic foundational support this year to emerging leaders working to bring about positive social change. Over the past three decades, our total investment is over $40 million to more than 700 world-class leaders.

We don't just invest in business plans. We believe investing in and supporting the right people, with the right ideas and the ability to execute, results in a lifetime of leadership.

And it works.

Echoing Green Fellows include the founders of Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, and SKS Microfinance, as well a First Lady of the United States, a mayor of Providence, RI, and the director of the largest environmental law center in the U.S.


Our Fellows and Social Entrepreneurship

Echoing Green Fellows are the innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels that reject the status quo and drive positive social change all over the world. While their work, their geographies, and even their approaches may be as varied as the problems they are working to solve, their common passion and commitment form the base of this robust, active community of leaders. Our social entrepreneurship Fellows work on six continents, on issues such as:


Our signature Global Fellowship is open to any social entrepreneur, from anywhere in the world, with an innovative solution for any issue. Our Black Male Achievement Fellowship supports leaders dedicated to improving the life outcomes of black men and boys in the United States. Our Climate Fellowship, built in partnership with the ZOOM Foundation, was launched for leaders committed to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Meet Our Social Innovators

Our global community of over 700 emerging leaders have launched Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, SKS Microfinance, and more. Go »

Our Social Entrepreneurship Conference

We bring together Fellows, industry professionals, and thought leaders for a week of peer learning workshops, presentations, and advisory sessions. Go »

Apply for the Fellowship

We've laid out program specifics, eligibility and selection criteria, and sample applications to prepare you for applying to the Echoing Green Fellowship. Go »

How We Support Social Innovation

Through our work with more than 700 Fellows, we’ve developed a standard rubric and clearly defined building blocks for approaching and measuring our support. We’ve also identified the need for any standardization to be flexible enough to accommodate the unique set of challenges of each individual Fellow and their approach to social innovation, often unproven models, and distinct and disparate regions of impact.

Each new Fellow is matched with an Echoing Green portfolio manager who will support them in creating a plan for achieving the following universal goals:

  • Raising money in appropriate amounts for their stage and size of need.
  • Operating according to clear, written short-term plans and goals.
  • Internalizing a philosophy of regular measurement against a documented theory of change.
  • Remaining committed to working on their issue and/or organization, at a high level of passion and energy, beyond the first two years of their Fellowship.
  • Identifying and mapping solutions for two to three additional areas that may only be relevant to that particular Fellow at that time, such as hiring an executive team or building a thought leadership capacity.

Read Our Philosophy of Fellow Support, in which we further outline our Individualized Fellow Plan (IFP), presented with the support of USAID.

Meet Our Fellows
Coral Vita
Qorax Energy
Frontier Markets
Global Cycle Solutions
Library For All
Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC)