Zubaida Bai

Zubaida Bai 2012 Global Fellow

AYZH Health and Livelihood PVT LTD

Health & Healthcare


Asia-Pacific, India


Zubaida Bai 2012 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Develop affordable, appropriate health technologies produced by women for women in rural India.

In India, 80 percent of healthcare facilities are located in urban areas, while 72 percent of the population lives in rural regions, grossly limiting women’s access to basic healthcare and life-saving technologies. The basis for “the AYZH solution” is appropriate technology that addresses a significant gap in women’s medical technologies for community and clinic settings. AYZH designs vital and affordable, yet simple and beautiful products that women want and need, then distributes them through channels capable of reaching even the most remote communities.

Zubaida Bai is widely regarded as an expert and a leader in the field of engineering design for low-cost health products customized for the developing world. Zubaida’s work at the bottom of the pyramid demonstrates her passion for empowering underserved women, and has led her to be selected as the TED India fellow for 2009 and the Maternal Health fellow for 2010-2011 by Ashoka among many others. She has a Master’s in Engineering (product development and design) and an MBA (social and sustainable enterprises).