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Winstone Edward Odhiambo

2012 Fellow
Founder of Healthy Food Systems

Winstone Edward Odhiambo 2012 Fellow

Bold Idea 

Nourish 500 million women and children in Africa using an innovative technology that fortifies staple flours with micronutrients at the local mill level.


Using an innovative dispenser and technology that enables small scale millers to fortify staple flours with Vitamin A and Iron premixes at the local milling level, Healthy Food Systems puts us in reach of a world where no child faces blindness, immunity impairment, birth defects, death or looses their mother in childbirth because of vitamin A or Iron deficiencies.


Over the past 8 years, Winstone Odhiambo has produced content on cost effective micro-nutrient interventions and gained extensive insights of the existing integrated micro-nutrient delivery systems and determined the most impactful methodologies that will fix the systemic loose ends in the food value chains to combat the vicious circle of poverty and malnutrition in the developing world.

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  • 2012
  • Fellow
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Hybrid
  • Africa
  • Kenya

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