Shivani Siroya


with Bonnie Oliva

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development


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Shivani Siroya 2011 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Flip the traditional credit scoring model by putting power into the hands of newly empowered consumers in emerging markets delivering real-time affordable credit to the unbanked and underbanked through their mobile app and unique channel.

InVenture is revolutionizing financial markets by providing a standardized global credit score for anyone with a mobile phone, thereby increasing efficiency, transparency, and driving down costs. InVenture's first product, InSight, is a text-messaging based system that enables individuals to perform basic accounting, demonstrate creditworthiness, and access financial services all through SMS.

Shivani Siroya has a wide array of professional experience in global health, microfinance, and investment banking. Prior to founding InVenture, she worked in health costing at UNFPA and Mergers & Acquisitions at Health Net. Shivani is a 2011 Unreasonable Fellow and is currently teaching “Mobilizing Communities” at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University. She holds a MPH in Health Economics and Policy from Columbia University and a BA in International Relations from Wesleyan University.