Reid Saaris

Reid Saaris 2011 Global Fellow

Equal Opportunity Schools



North America, United States

Reid Saaris 2011 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Narrow the achievement gap in U.S. schools by working with principals to find “missing” minority students and implementing a rigorous 12-month college prep curriculum, including AP and IB classes, in the most underserved communities.

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) is an early-stage, education-reform non-profit that changes lives and narrows the achievement gap by collaborating with principals to address an inequity in our schools: under-enrollment in the best academic programs, especially by students who are Latino, African-American, or low-income. EOS identifies these missing students who have shown they can succeed at the highest academic levels within their schools, and works with schools to transition them into the best, college-bound classes.

Reid Saaris graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in government, magna cum laude, and the certification to teach secondary school social studies. After graduating, Reid coached soccer and cross-country running and taught history, economics, philosophy, and psychology at a large, rural high school in South Carolina for three years. In his last year, he was promoted to an administrative position, heading the AP and IB programs at the school. He is committed to ensuring that no student in the school would be overlooked for participation in AP or IB because of the color of their skin or the size of their parents’ paycheck. He recently graduated from Stanford with an MBA and a Masters in Education, receiving Stanford’s only 2010 Social Innovation Fellowship, as well as a Draper Richards Fellowship.