Rachel Armstrong

Rachel Armstrong 2012 Global Fellow

Farm Commons

Food & Agriculture


North America, United States


Rachel Armstrong 2012 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Provide sustainable farmers with the proactive legal counsel they need to become the stable and resilient base of a healthy food system.

Farm Commons enables organic and local farmers to shift into the mainstream through accessible and affordable legal services. We build on high-quality legal services with an educational program that reaches farmers through trusted advocates, and an attorney network that disseminates Farm Commons’ resources nation-wide.

From working on farms, to managing a community garden, to starting a local foods catering company, and running a farm-to-restaurant consulting program, Rachel Armstrong’s lifelong passion is local food system development. After witnessing a crucial need for affordable, specialized legal services for farmers, Rachel decided to earn a law degree. When she’s not building new ways to help farmers grow strong, profitable businesses, Rachel enjoys sharing food with family and friends.