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Pranav Budhathoki

2015 Global Fellow
Founder of Local Interventions Group

Pranav Budhathoki 2015 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Support government accountability in South Asia by developing tools for communities to assert their rights and monitor injustice.


Local Interventions Group (LIG) solves last mile problems in governance by creating efficient feedback loops between governments and affected citizens of South Asia. LIG arms communities living on two dollars a day with simple civic tools (SMS, hotlines, mobile applications, community radio, crowdsourcing, and geo-mapping) to “follow the money” and play the role of a “surveillance citizen,” thereby creating an environment for such communities to assert their rights and monitor injustice. LIG’s long term goal is to make marginal citizens become included in a fairer and equal society by radically changing the way governments engage with their citizens.


Pranav Budhathoki is founder and chief executive officer of Local Interventions Group, applying affordable innovation and civic tools to enhance government’s service delivery and empower the poorest citizens’ access to governments. He set up the nonprofit with a conviction that harnessing the ingenuity of the affected locals using available tools, not increasing aid dollars, solves society’s gravest problems. He has been commended by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal for pioneering citizen grievance reporting and redress platform in Nepal, benefiting 200,000 citizens and thirty villages. He has led Nepal programs for Peace Direct U.K., drawing inspiration that affected communities can solve their own problems. He is a published author with the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, New Internationalist. He has been awarded with LondonMet/ISH Scholarship, Gilbert Murray Trust Award and Bernard Brett Award for his “distinguished contribution to peace.” He has MSc in Comparative Politics (Democracy) from London School of Economics and BA in European Studies from London Metropolitan University , and holds academic credits from Fletcher School and Hiroshima City University.

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