Natalie Fields

Natalie Fields 2009 Global Fellow

Accountability Counsel

Civil & Human Rights

Public Service & Civic Engagement


Natalie Fields 2009 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Partner with communities harmed by international finance and development projects to hold international institutions and corporations accountable and develop new accountability systems where none exist.


Natalie Bridgeman Fields is an attorney based in San Francisco, California. She has worked as a lawyer advocating for environmental and human rights for a decade, with a focus on accountability in international finance and development. Natalie served as a Consultant to the World Bank Inspection Panel in 2000 and as a law clerk to a NAFTA Arbiter in 2001. Natalie guest lectures at law schools, universities and in training programs on international law, international financial institution accountability, and use of U.S. courts to litigate human rights and environmental claims. She and Professor David Hunter co-teach International Institutions and Environmental Protection during the Environmental Law Summer Session at American University Washington College of Law. Shortly before founding Accountability Counsel, Natalie served as the consultant to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the 2008 Review of their accountability mechanism.