Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller 2014 Global Fellow


with Jess Kutch

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development


North America, Australia, United States


Michelle Miller 2014 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Create a 21st century labor movement that uses technology to win improvements in the workplace.

Coworker.org is a global platform for employees to run workplace campaigns, share information, and learn organizing strategies from one another. We match easy-to-use online tools with leadership development, research, media outreach and legal support that enable groups of employees to advocate for themselves. By supporting the development of worker-led advocacy networks we are nurturing new models for workplace representation and employee engagement that will vastly improve the economic futures of millions of workers.

Michelle Miller is a workers' rights activist and participatory media artist. She is the co-founder of Coworker.org, a digital platform that supports innovative, ground-up campaigns for workplace change. Michelle's early work developing Coworker.org was supported by a fellowship at Georgetown University's Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor. Before that she spent a decade at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) directing union-wide programs for member engagement. She focused her energy on fostering the talents of rank-and-file union members, creating projects that welcomed new kinds of worker-leaders and integrated their voices into campaigns through art, culture and media. Her experience taught her that the best ideas, solutions, and strategies for changing the workplace come directly from the lived experiences of workers themselves. Michelle also applies this approach to her creative process. She developed the participatory media-creation process for HOLLOW, a Peabody Award winning interactive documentary created with residents of McDowell County in her homestate of West Virginia. She is a member of Arts and Democracy, a decentralized network of cultural organizers.