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Marquis Taylor 2012 fellow

Bold Idea 

Empower urban teens to overcome social and structural barriers with a sports coaching-based entrepreneurship and leadership program.

Coaching For Change uses a cross-aged mentoring approach where kids are teaching/coaching kids. We recruit and train college students to teach and mentor high school students to develop their sports coaching skills. Then together they create, market, and coach sports programs run by Coaching For Change, Inc.

Based on his own experiences competing as an athlete, working in the corporate world, and teaching, Marquis Taylor has taken a holistic approach to impacting the lives of young people faced with barriers. He has focuses on the lessons learned through athletics, and uses his experiences to engage with young people from diverse backgrounds.

Marquis live

  • November 25, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Fellows in the News, November 2013  more Blog »

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