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Manik Jolly

2016 Climate Fellow
Founder of Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development

Manik Jolly 2016 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

End energy poverty in rural India by creating village-owned, financially-viable solar microgrids.


Manik with the Honorable Minister for Finance, Captain Abhimanyu Singh, at the inauguration of GRID's solar-based reverse osmosis system, which supplies 25,000 liters of clean drinking water a day.

Manik with the team who will run the community-led solar-powered reverse osmosis system in Ugalan, India.

Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development (GRID) aims at providing low-cost and efficient energy solutions to rural and semi-urban areas through solar micro grids, by powering households as well as commercial activities in the village. The organization aims to establish high-quality micro grids that are commercially viable and profitable, engaging villagers and local entrepreneurs as partners and operators. By giving sustainable electricity to villages, GRID will be able to bring education, health support, clean drinking water, women empowerment, digital connectivity, and all related development activities through its other partners in the village. In five years, GRID wants to be the world’s largest microgrids operator.


Based in Delhi, India, Manik is the founder and CEO of GRID. Having worked with the Indian army, SunEdison, the World Bank, and Deloitte, he has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of rural electrification. His work with SunEdison earned him recognization as a Global Green Game Changer by the World Wildlife Federation of the United Kingdom in 2012. He has had numerous consulting, writing, and speaking assignments, communicating his passion for rural electricity. Thoroughly convinced that decentralized generation is the future of electricity distribution, Manik started GRID with the aim to provide sustainable and economically viable electricity to villagers. He believes that electricity can bring significant change and will have a solid and positive impact on the villagers’ lifestyle. He now aims to scale this model to serve hundreds of villages. A decorated military officer, Manik is convinced that the future of profitable and sustainable microgrids lies in community engagement, simple yet reliable technology, and quality electricity.

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  • 2016
  • Climate Fellow
  • Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
  • For-Profit
  • India
  • Nepal

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