Krishna Ramkumar

Krishna Ramkumar 2012 Global Fellow

Avanti Fellows

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Asia-Pacific, India
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Krishna Ramkumar 2012 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Level the playing field for disadvantaged students in India by removing the economic and social barriers to attending top colleges.

The Avanti Fellows program makes a quality college education accessible to economically disadvantaged students in India. In doing so, Avanti helps them take their first and most important step towards playing a part in India's future leadership. Each year Avanti selects a class of Fellows based on academic merit and financial need who are provided affordable tutoring, mentorship and career guidance at Avanti's learning centers.

Krishna Ramkumar is a social entrepreneur with a deep passion to make a dent in India's education sector. Krishna graduated from IIT Bombay in 2008 with the President's Gold medal for all-round excellence. He worked with the Boston Consulting Group for over 2 years before co-founding Avanti Fellows with the objective of removing the economic and social barriers to quality higher education in India. In college, Krishna was close friends with peers from low-income homes who had fought tremendous odds to get into IIT. Their stories act as his biggest inspiration.