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Keno Sadler

1997 Fellow
Founder of Breakthrough

Keno Sadler 1997 Fellow

Bold Idea 

Increase academic opportunity for highly motivated, underserved students and put them on the trajectory of a successful college path by having them engage in academically rigorous coursework taught by their bright and energetic young teachers, while a supportive community sustains them on their path to college.

Breakthrough Atlanta's mission is twofold: To provide a pathway to college for traditionally underserved Atlanta area school students, and to provide an intensive hands-on teacher training experience for high school and college students. Breakthrough’s success is due to a unique combination of elements that result in an exciting and energetic educational experience: Motivated students who are at the critical age when they are searching for role models, and making choices that will dramatically affect their futures, and enthusiastic and talented teachers who serve as mentors and role models bringing to life the idea that it’s cool to be smart. Breakthrough is an academically rigorous program supplemented by creative arts, multicultural programs, and public speaking opportunities.

Keno Sadler is a social entrepreneur who has a drive and desire to make an impact on the community around him. Born in Connecticut and raised in Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina, Keno enlisted in the United States Navy and was selected to participate in an officer candidate program which granted a full college scholarship to program graduates. After successfully graduating, he attended Morehouse College in Atlanta. Keno began his fourteen-year relationship with the Summerbridge (SB) program while in college by teaching in the SB Miami program and the SB Fort Worth program. Upon graduation from Morehouse, Keno decided to create the Summerbridge Atlanta program, where he served as executive director from 1995 – 2002. He then served as executive director of the Summerbridge Breakthrough Alumni Network (SBAN), an international organization supporting over 3,000 members with a goal of eventually reconnecting with and supporting the over 20,000 alumni of the Summerbridge and Breakthrough programs. Keno currently serves as vice president of programs at Echoing Green.

  • 1997
  • Fellow
  • Education
  • North America
  • United States

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