George Srour

Building Tomorrow


Africa, Uganda

George Srour 2007 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Create and nurture one-to-one partnerships between US-based colleges and communities in sub-Saharan Africa that will generate funds to build new schools and support strong educators in the partner African communities.

Today, over 42 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are not in school and thereby face an uncertain future. This is largely due to the fact that the government does not have the means to provide children with accessible schools; additionally, fees for uniforms, books, and transportation are prohibitively expensive for most African families. Building Tomorrow offers a sustainable solution by generating one-to-one partnerships between U.S.-based colleges and communities in sub-Saharan Africa. American students learn the value of philanthropy, cross-cultural partnerships, and social responsibility as they develop extensive campaigns to raise funds to build new schools and support strong educators in their partner African communities. College/university chapters develop long-term relationships with their partner communities in Africa as they work together on creating a locally-based education solution.

George Srour developed the idea that evolved into Building Tomorrow as a student at The College of William and Mary. In just six weeks, he helped raise $45,000 to construct a three-story school in Kampala, Uganda, which now serves 350 children. George, a 2005 college graduate, credits his experience working for the United Nations World Food Programme for inspiring him to launch Building Tomorrow.