David Auerbach

David Auerbach 2011 Global Fellow


with Ani Vallabhaneni


Health & Healthcare


Africa, Kenya


David Auerbach 2011 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Resolve the massive sanitation problems in the world’s slums, starting in Kenya, with an economically sustainable microentrepreneurial network of clean, containerized toilets and service to convert the waste to electricity and fertilizer.

Sanergy promotes the fundamental human right to sanitation in the slums of Kenya by increasing access to and usage of hygienic sanitation facilities. Sanergy creates an efficient, equitable, and sustainable sanitation cycle by building a dense network of small-scale sanitation centers across the slums, developing a low-cost containerized waste collection infrastructure, and converting this waste at a central processing facility in to electricity, fertilizer, and other high-margin products.

David Auerbach graduated with an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, where he was the co-President of Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development. Prior to MIT, he ran the Partnerships, Policy, and Outreach division at Endeavor, a global nonprofit that supports High-Impact Entrepreneurs in emerging economies. David was the Deputy Chair for Poverty Alleviation at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005-6, and taught in China for two years as a Yale-China Teaching Fellow.