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Bonnie Oliva

2011 Fellow
Founder of InVenture with Shivani Siroya

Bonnie Oliva 2011 Fellow

Bold Idea 

Shape the next frontier in microfinance by providing direct, crowd-sourced investment from individuals to micro-business owners caught in the space between a traditional micro-loan and commercial bank finance.


InVenture is revolutionizing financial markets by providing a standardized global credit score for anyone with a mobile phone, thereby increasing efficiency, transparency, and driving down costs. InVenture's first product, InSight, is a text-messaging based system that enables individuals to perform basic accounting, demonstrate creditworthiness, and access financial services all through SMS.


Bonnie is passionate about small business growth and has worked with small business owners for the last six years. She is a go-to consultant – having most recently worked with GOOD on The Pepsi Refresh Project. She has also lent her skills to the Empowerment Group, New York City Department of Small Businesses Services and programs for the American Recovery and Reinvestments Act (ARRA). Bonnie holds a BA in International Politics from Wesleyan University and a certificate in Finance and Accounting from Wharton and was a StartingBloc Fellow (NY '09)

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  • 2011
  • Fellow
  • Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
  • Hybrid
  • Global

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