Bill Lipton

Bill Lipton 1996 Global Fellow

Central Brooklyn HDFC and TL Network

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development

North America, United States

Bill Lipton 1996 Global Fellow

The organization assists low-income, limited equity housing cooperatives in joining together to buy in bulk and develop political power.

Bill Lipton is a founder of the Working Families Party (WFP), a community-labor coalition party active in New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and South Carolina. Bill's work has enabled the WFP to pass state legislation to raise the minimum wage, reform right-wing drug laws, and make the state tax code more progressive. Bill works with leaders to develop legal, commonsense strategies to engage in the electoral process. His current career priorities include developing a practical strategy for holding local and national Democrats accountable to a progressive policy agenda, building a "staff and shop stewards" training institute to assist union and community leaders.