Benjamin Cohen

Benjamin Cohen 2013 Global Fellow


Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development


Latin America
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Benjamin Cohen 2013 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Provide access to clean water for remote communities across the globe using low-maintenance, solar-powered pipeline systems and rapid installation techniques.

TOHL is increasing water access globally for the one billion people who lack access to a reliable water source. By providing practical, innovative, proprietary fluid logistics services, TOHL is able to lower the costs associated with water infrastructure. One of TOHL's solutions utilizes coiled tubing deployed via helicopter to rapidly connect remote water sources to their destinations. TOHL is also able to capture value in the commercial and industrial sectors. TOHL's first base of operations is in Santiago, Chile, and headquarters are in Atlanta, GA. The founders have a bold vision for global expansion into territories beyond Latin America.
Benjamin A. Cohen is president, CEO, and co-founder of TOHL, INC., an innovative fluid logistics company focused on increasing access to water globally through sustainable and profitable solutions. Founded in 2012, TOHL is increasing water access for the close to one billion people who suffer from lack of access to a reliable water source. In the last year, Ben and his team have been able to move TOHL from an idea to a company with tested, proven, scalable, proprietary services that are being contracted by large organizations. Ben has a B.Sc. Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011. He originally started his career at the Georgia Department of Transportation as a civil design engineer. His background includes structural analysis, mechanics of materials, and structural steel design. Ben's other skills include finance, accounting, and capital allocation.