Benita Singh

Benita Singh 2004 Global Fellow

Mercado Global

with Ruth DeGolia

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development

Latin America, Guatemala
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Benita Singh 2004 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Link the world’s most rural and economically-disadvantaged cooperatives to the U.S. market through a model that provides both fair wages and investments in the communities' long-term development.

Together with partner NGOs, Mercado Global works with women’s cooperatives across the world and helps them to create beautiful handmade products. Through an online store and a Fair Trade Sourcing Program, it then finds the markets for their products. All of Mercado's sales provide women with fair wages and investments in their children’s education.

Benita Singh became the President and Co-Founder of Mercado (“market”) Global in 2004 while a college senior, and is currently a marketing and branding consultant for fair-trade organizations and companies. She was most recently the Vice President of Marketing for the League of Artisans program, an initiative of the American India Foundation. She has received numerous awards, including the YouthActionNet award (2005) from the International Youth Foundation, the “Leadership in Innovative Ideas” from the Social Enterprise Alliance (2005), and was profiled on the cover of Newsweek in 2006 as one of the 15 people “who make America great. Benita is on the board of the International Youth Foundation.