Avnish Gungadurdoss

Avnish Gungadurdoss 2013 Global Fellow


with Michael Belinsky

Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development


Latin America


Avnish Gungadurdoss 2013 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Radically improve life opportunities in developing countries by developing innovative contracting and financing structures that tie public funding awards to real world performance outcomes.

Instiglio is a nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to empower leaders in the social, public, and private sectors in developing countries to improve the impact of social programs in developing countries by linking funding to results. We operationalize our mission by designing and diffusing innovative results-based financing and contracting structures known as Social Impact Bonds. Our vision is a world where every cent invested in fighting poverty maximizes social impact.

Hailing from Mauritius, Avnish is a development practitioner and a founding partner at Instiglio, a nonprofit that seeks to transform the performance of social programs in developing countries by tying social funding to results. Prior to that, he advised a DFID challenge fund in Bangladesh on designing a sophisticated monitoring and evaluation of a portfolio of 18 innovative NGO projects using cutting-edge technology. Avnish has also led the implementation, monitoring and rigorous evaluation of a female empowerment campaign in 500 villages of Rajasthan for the MIT Poverty Action Lab. Avnish has also consulted with the World Bank on the implementation of its largest social protection program in Bangladesh.

Avnish is an economist by training, and a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and Dartmouth College.