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Anthony Jewett

The Edwin Cohen Community Steward Award Recipient, 2013
2006 Global Fellow
Founder of Bardoli Global, Inc.

Anthony Jewett 2006 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Inspire African American college students to study abroad, driving a drastic increase in the number of students of color who do so and thereby transforming the face of America abroad.


The National Center for Global Engagement (formerly The Bardoli Global Initiative) is named after the site of an historic 1937 intercultural exchange between Mahatma Gandhi and the prominent African American leaders who helped to inspire the American civil rights movement. Its mission is to “transform the face of America abroad” by using culturally-relevant marketing strategies in combination with partnerships across multiple sectors in order to drastically increase the number of African American students who go abroad each year to 150,000 by the year 2017. Although American college students live in a society whose economic and social realities increasingly demand intercultural competencies and international exposure, just 2 percent of eligible U.S. undergraduates study abroad each year. While African Americans represent 12 percent of the total U.S. college population, over the past 10 years, they have consistently represented only 3 percent of students participating in education abroad programs.


Anthony Jewett is currently the co-founder and chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Center for Global Engagement (NC4GE). Before founding Bardoli Global in 2005, Anthony served as a bilingual elementary school teacher in New York City with Teach For America. He has studied and worked abroad on a variety of assignments in South America, West Africa, China, and the Middle East. He serves on the boards of the Collaborative for Diversity in Education Abroad and the editorial advisory board of International Educator magazine. Anthony earned a BA in International Studies from Morehouse College in 2003, where his passion for study abroad and community service earned him both the Freeman-Asia and Benjamin Gilman awards from the Institute of International Education.

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  • 2006
  • Global Fellow
  • Education
  • North America
  • United States

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