Ajaita Shah

Ajaita Shah 2012 Global Fellow

Frontier Markets

with Daniel Tomlinson



Asia-Pacific, India


Ajaita Shah 2012 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Increase access to reliable, affordable, clean and safe energy products to the rural poor through robust sales and service outlets throughout India.

Frontier Markets sales and service outlets provide  clean, safe energy products for millions of people. We replace deadly kerosene and provide access to reliable lighting. Frontier Markets educates, trains and services local farmers, government, nonprofits, small retailers and women’s groups to reach households to stop deadly and toxic energy practices.

Through projects in microfinance to speaking in large government and international forums, Ajaita Shah has spent the last 7 years creating more access to products, services and awareness for the poor in India. Ajaita has been featured in many Indian magazines and newspapers for her work including Marwar Magazine, India Today and Economic Times. She has been a Clinton Fellow through the American-India Foundation, has been ranked the most influential leader in Microfinance under 30 and has been a scholarship winner of Skoll World Forum and SOCAP.