Sophie Marchessou

Social Investment Council

What moves you?
Interacting with Echoing Green Fellows. They are so gifted, smart and educated. They could be successful in any career really. And what they choose is to pursue a dream, hoping that their efforts will make the world a better place. Everytime I feel so inspired by them and I am grateful to Echoing Green that I can interact with them.

Sophie Marchessou, member of Echoing Green's Social Investment Council, is an associate at McKinsey & Company in New York. Sophie also worked 3 years for McKinsey & Company in France, where she focused on retail, consumer goods and non-profit projects. She also spent extensive time in Asia – working in China for Mars for 6 months, and volunteering for an NGO in Cambodia for 2 months on education and micro credit projects. Sophie received a degree in Economics at HEC in Paris and an MBA from Harvard University. When she's not working, Sophie enjoys learning new things, baking and hosting friends, playing the piano and riding her bike in the city.

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