Simone Sneed

Purpose Driver

What moves you?
I am moved by faith; by the possibility that we each have the power to transform, to evolve and to thrive.

Simone N. Sneed is a development professional, life coach and motivational speaker. Passionately dedicated to shifting cultural paradigms around mental health and self care she works as the Major Donors Manager at Community Access. Community Access is an NYC based organization that provides comprehensive support via housing, job training and workshops, to individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Simone is also the CEO and Founder of Catching Brilliance (CB). Through CB Simone leverages her experience in system design and personal development to empower ambitious individuals with the tools and insights they need to live balanced and fulfilling lives. Simone has a simple philosophy: a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment is a right. And to get there you need more than a vision board, you need a vision strategy.

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