Liza Mueller


What Moves You?
Freckles. Wood grain. The inside of an electronic device. Fern fiddleheads. Detail. Complexity. I’m moved by the intricacy of the world, things both natural and man-made, and human responses to our elaborate existence.

Liza is dedicated to ensuring that Echoing Green is a data driven organization by leveraging a Salesforce database and internal metrics to streamline processes and inform progress. She learned database administration while at Aid to Artisans, an international development organization that provides market links to artisans in developing countries.  Liza holds a degree in Biology from Hendrix College, and in 2002 she was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship which allowed her to travel the world surveying the impacts of coastal development on sea turtle populations. She is also a Certified Administrator. You can find Liza measuring apples by the pound and string beans by the handful at her local CSA pickup spot in Queens.

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