Jennifer Chinn

Purpose Driver

Why are you involved with Echoing Green?
Powerful social ideas need to be nurtured along with new skill sets focused on insight, motivation, and faith that change is possible. Working with Echoing Green continually reminds me to put these priorities at the top of my list. And, on a hard day, it’s good to remember that others are out there striving for their highest calling of their hearts and heads.

Jennifer Chinn is the Program Manager of Charlotte’s Place, a neighborhood center opened this past March by Trinity Wall Street offering unconditional welcome and hospitality to Lower Manhattan. Programs are focused on bringing people of wildly diverse backgrounds together to share space, ideas, art, and conversation with an emphasis on building the skills we need to break down barriers of separateness. Jenn brings to this work her background in hospitality (restaurants), the arts, and contemplative spirituality.

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