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“I didn’t realize that coming to the U.S.-Mexico border, I was coming to a disaster scene.”


"What they were doing to this family was so incredible that I knew I'd be dedicated to this cause for the rest of my life."


We're taking a look at the data from the full applicant pool to spot trends, refine our work, and share our learning with the broader field of social impact.


“For many of the women that come to Hot Bread Kitchen, we’re the first job where they can branch out outside of their community or outside of the domestic sphere.”


“We trek to heal our bodies, to inspire our girls in our communities, and to reclaim the streets of our neighborhood.”


From Forbes to Fast Company, Echoing Green Fellows from 1991 to the class of 2014 Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders.


“When I left those folks behind, I promised myself that one day, I would do my best to circle back and help Americans understand the impact of its current policies.”


We may only be shy of two months into 2015, but we think it’s never too early to place your bets – and we’ve already got our eye on who’s next and what’s next for social change.


“Sports had a huge impact on my life, and it was the coaches that changed my life trajectory. So my thought was—let’s teach these kids to coach.”


Want a meaningful life? Our best advice: learn from an expert… or 80 experts.



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