Take a role in the social innovation movement by applying your talent to a job that is right for you, and good for the world.


Social entrepreneurs face more options than ever for structuring their organizations, but a misinformed choice may limit their impact.


Changing the way we think about what we will be when we grow up has the potential to lead to greater creativity, productivity, and happiness.


Encountering the Malawians and their situation changed Medic Mobile founder Josh Nesbit's life, and he's been determined to return the favor, by changing theirs.


Those of us called to purpose-driven work must protect ourselves from the threats of over-work, under-pay, and, ultimately, burn-out.


Meet who's next ​in social entrepreneurship: With fifty-five Fellows leading forty-two organizations, meet our largest class of Fellows in its twenty-seven year history.


Becca Heller is reforming the Special Immigrant Visa process for interpreters who risked their lives for American troops during the Iraq war.


When an American Red Cross staffer blew the whistle on reneged promises to help survivors of Hurricane Sandy, Ben Smilowitz took action.


Echoing Green and our community of Fellows and social change organizations are looking for you to help build the future of our planet. If you're looking for work that is right for you, and good for the world, check out our monthly list of opportunities.


From Forbes to NPR, Echoing Green Fellows from 1992 to the class of 2013 Fellows are recognized as innovators and leaders.



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