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Blue Engine’s recently released impact infographic gives us a chance to deep dive into not only how the organization is measuring success, but what data they are collecting to do it. From the characteristics of students they are reaching, to the ratio of students to BETAs, to the marked shift in test scores over the past two years, the report uses a mix of compelling visuals and strict numbers to give us a picture of the impact Blue Engine is achieving. Read more.

In December, over 300 Echoing Green Fellows, former colleagues, and supporters gathered in New York City to learn from each other and to find ways to collaborate. Read More.

Your New Year's Resolution to start using that gym membership, or to spend more time with your family, will just have to wait a few more days. Unless, of course, you turn that resolution into your Bold Idea, in which case getting the application in might just be a way of making yourself stick to it. Read More.

Last year, we asked you a question: “What is your second greatest barrier to working on purpose?” We had a hunch that identifying your second greatest barrier would help you go beyond blaming that old scapegoat of choice (we’ve all got one) and zero in on what’s really holding you back. We received only two answers to this question. Read more.

We asked you what the world needed from you, and you answered with sixty-nine submissions, over seven thousand views and hundreds of votes. See the winners.

The events in Newtown have left us shocked and saddened, but also with many questions that we can't find the answers to. We offer this space for reflection and sharing. Read More.

Echoing Green is honored to be amongst the first recipients of the Start Something That Matters fund. TOMS founder and chief shoe giver Blake Mycoskie announced today that proceeds from his book Start Something That Matters will now support the SSTM Foundation. The first three recipient organizations of the new fund are the Dell Social Innovation Challenge (DSIC), Echoing Green and Watch the announcement.

1993 Fellow Uttara Bharath Kumar launched her organization twenty years ago with funding from Echoing Green. With the 2013 Fellowship application open, what's on the horizon for the next twenty years? Read More.

2012 Black Male Achievement Fellows
The Black Male Achievement Fellowship, one year later. Read more.

The application for our 2013 Fellowships is now open! Read more.


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