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The application for our 2013 Fellowships is now open! Read more.

Founded by 1993 Echoing Green Fellow and current Vice-Chair of our Board, Maya Ajmera and Global Fund for Children are selected as the seasonal charity partner for The Financial Times! Follow GFC's story as journalists report back from their visits to GFC sites around the world. Read More.

If you are looking for a workplace that aligns with your purpose, take a look below. This month’s social impact job list includes exciting global opportunities from an array of organizations that we think drive positive change into the world. Read more.

I believe that it isn’t enough to know what you want to give to the world; if you want your life and your work to have real impact, you also need to know what the world needs from you. But when push comes to shove, how do you accurately identify the needs of others? Read More.

2010 Echoing Green Fellow Scott Warren shares why he thinks the day after election day is more critical than the election itself. Read More.

Today we’re excited to hear about a day in the life of a mover and a shaker in corporate philanthropy. Prior to joining the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Ruthie Ackerman was an award-winning journalist who focused on women, wealth, and politics. Read More.

Sometimes, finding your dream job is only an email away.
Read More.

Data is big, data is powerful, and data is here to stay. Here are some tips for those looking to become a data-driven organization. Read More.

SOCAP 12 really rocked this year. The annual event, founded by Kevin Jones almost five years ago, has grown in size and recognition to become the mainstay conference on impact investing as applied to social ventures and the general market landscape. Involving participants from all over the world, the conference brings together entrepreneurs, experts, industry leaders, fund managers and government/public policy experts for three days of intense, stimulating and inspiring discussion and debate. Read More.

Want to keep on top of the world's greatest ideas in social change? Check out our new video featuring the visionaries of the 2012 Fellowship class.


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