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We cannot solve the world’s most intractable problems in isolation. As one of the few (and first) seed funders for social entrepreneurs, we see a responsibility to add our ideas and findings to the global conversation—so that others around the world can build upon them and accelerate their potential for impact. We present our own insights as an opportunity for discussion and learning.


Viewpoints on the Forefront

Writing the Book on Social Impact

Data and Papers on Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

2014 Snapshot of For-Profit and Hybrid Fellowship Applications

Entrepreneurship and the Forefront

Notes from the Field: India

Papers on Leadership

The Echoing Green Fellowship: Building a Lifelong Fellow Community

Echoing Green has built an extraordinary network of social entrepreneurs by selecting and supporting emerging talent for a two-year fellowship. We believe that we can also play an important long-term role in supporting these leaders to achieve even greater social impact.


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