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Our team received nearly 3,000 applications for the 2013 Echoing Green and Black Male Achievement Fellowships. With the help of 532 evaluators asking challenging questions and analyzing applicants’ plans and capabilities, we have narrowed the pool to just thirty-nine Echoing Green Finalists and fourteen Open Society Foundations Black Male Achievement Finalists. See the Finalists.

The most influential, and happiest, agents of change have a valuable lesson to teach: self-concern is as essential as your desire to help others.

This story is part of Heart at Work, a monthly series produced by and Echoing Green, in which we tilt the spotlight towards everyday people doing extraordinary work that makes the world a better place. Read more.

We need leadership that reflects the diversity of the communities we seek to influence. In several of our Black Male Achievement Fellows, we saw enterprising social innovators who have fresh ideas to scale the environmental movement by empowering their communities to be the agents for change. Read More.

In my experience, the most successful world changers have all had what I call a Moment of Obligation. This moment frequently becomes their North Star—the memory that guides them on their journey, and keeps them going when all seems dark.

Whether you feel settled or not, your current employment situation does not have to determine your future. I have spoken to many people of all ages with career paths that initially seemed less than linear. They have bounced from the private sector to local government to non-profit and back. While some see this as “job jolting,” I encourage them to take a deeper look—there is often a connection beneath the surface. Read more.

When a passionate and multi-faceted Echoing Green Fellow listened to his heart, he found himself transitioning from a successful leader of a national nonprofit to taking on a supporting role in his nephew’s fledgling social enterprise. Read more.

Image by Andrew Quilty for The New York Times

From the New York Times to the World Economic Forum, Echoing Green Fellows from 1992 to the present class are recognized as innovators and leaders. Here are twelve of their top stories from recent weeks. Read more.

Two decades after his Echoing Green Fellowship, Mayor Angel Taveras is strengthening his city’s future by investing in its children through innovative and impactful ways. Read More.

Job boards terrify me. So many fields. So many positions. So many questions: “Can I do that?” “What does a controller do anyway?” “Am I ‘comfortable with ambiguity’? Well, the ambiguity of this question scares me, so I guess not.” Read more.


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